lifesfallacy said:

Happy Birthday Baby!!!! <333333333333



Girls are like skateboarding. You can find the most amazing trick to do down something, and you know well in advance if there’s a chance. And you can try to land this trick for hours, get hurt, feel some of the worst pains you’ve felt in years, and have people call out on you and say you’re stupid for continuing to try and that you should just move on to the next trick. But you know in your heart that the trick is worth all the abuse you’ve been put through. You know that the second that trick is landed everything is going to subside, possibly even just make everything better because it’s something you had to work out.

But in retrospect, no matter how many times you try a gnarly trick you KNOW you have no chance in landing, you’re just hurting yourself for hours for nothing. Sometimes it’s important to know which tricks you got, and which tricks are fairy-tale ideas, and some tricks you just have to leave alone and come back on a better day. You can’t tell me it’s not anything alike.